Traffic calming on Eastern Hill & Manly CBD

By Manly Community Forum
February 17, 2023
1 min read

Late last year the Northern Beaches Traffic staff spoke at several Manly Community Forum meetings. The discussions at those meetings reflected the communities concern about speeding, parking, and pedestrian safety in the area.

Speeding behaviour on Darley Road was of particular concern to the community so the Council installed speeding monitors and signs to record driver speeds as well as requesting the truck drivers from the various works sites (NH Wastewater Treatment Plant, Former Manly Hospital site and NP&Ws headland works) on North Head who are unfamiliar with the area to slow down.

Traffic sign

The Staff explained to everyone at the meetings that there would a Traffic Study on the whole of the Eastern Hill, which included the traffic counters and monitors installed in January. The data is now being analysed. Parking sensors have been installed at Shelly Beach headland carpark also collecting data. Traffic staff did tell the meeting that they would be progressively installing a suite of traffic calming devices, including the work that we are now seeing on our roads.


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