Our next monthly meeting will be held on Monday, December 19 at 7pm at Manly Yacht Club.

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This Month's Top News

End of year message from the Chair
December 16, 2022
2 min

Recent News

Brickbats and Bouquets December 2022
Brickbat or Bouquet , you choose. No time is a good time to returf East Esplanade. Dammed if they do…
December 16, 2022
1 min
CommunityView More
Want something fixed?
Council encourages residents to report any issues they see in their area via the 'Customer Service…
September 15, 2022
1 min
Council Budget news for Manly
Resident Parking Scheme Fees rise The Northern Beaches Council Budget was passed at the recent June…
July 15, 2022
3 min
How are our street trees?
A note from Evelyn, a long time resident passionate about our street trees. Look at our Trees! Take…
October 14, 2022
1 min
AUSGRID hut at Little Manly
The works continue apace at Little Manly Beach with a month to go before the steps are completed…
September 15, 2022
1 min
World Environment Day 2022
World Environment Day was celebrated by several groups in our community on Sunday 5th June. There…
June 17, 2022
1 min
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