Pedestrian Crossing on Addison Rd

By Manly Community Forum
April 13, 2024
1 min read

The pedestrian crossing at the top of Stuart St and Addison Rd is almost complete. The local community was consulted about it approximately 10 years ago and most people are happy to see it finally be installed. However some locals are unhappy about the loss of parking spaces. There are claims that approximately 3 spaces have been lost, however the No Stopping sign has now been located in the current position the correct distance from the crossing and the corner.

Elsewhere in Manly, Council has marked the car spaces with white lines to clearly define the car space and now issues fines if vehicles are parked outside these spaces. This has reduced the number of available spaces as they are all now a standard length to accommodate the largest vehicles. If this was implemented on Addison Rd then it would likely result in the loss of a few more car parking spots.


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