Darley Rd is a mess

By Manly Community Forum
August 19, 2023
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Greetings, Manly residents! We’re thrilled to bring you the latest updates on the community’s efforts to enhance the appeal and functionality of Darley Rd. Our tireless community representatives recently engaged in constructive discussions with Council staff onsite, aimed at addressing the ongoing challenges faced on Darley Rd.

For quite some time, the Manly Community Forum has been in fruitful conversations with Council Traffic staff regarding various traffic-related concerns. A significant stride has been taken with the commencement of the analysis of the Eastern Hill traffic study. This analysis will pave the way for a series of well-planned projects, targeting traffic improvement and the mitigation of speeding issues on Darley Rd.

Our community representatives passionately deliberated on a broad spectrum of improvements, encompassing both aesthetics and utility. The increasing multitude of Darley Rd users, - encompassing truck and car drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians - found their voices heard in the discussions. The epicenter of focus will stretch from the landmark roundabout at Victoria and Darley Roads, serving as the boundary between our cozy residential haven and the bustling CBD.

The roundabout, graced by heritage bollards commemorating the Bicentennial in 1988, stands as a testament to the importance of this juncture as it is acknowledged as the gateway to North Head.

A prime priority on our community’s wish list is the restoration and rejuvenation of the section of Darley Rd, extending from Victoria to Ashburner. A holistic approach has been proposed: pavement repairs, additional street tree planting, meticulous removal of weeds, and refreshing line markings. A clutter-free aesthetic, marked by replaced signs and enhanced pedestrian crossing at Ashburner St, takes center stage.

Our shared vision doesn’t stop there. Deliberations are also underway for the introduction of speed-limiting measures, possibly including pedestrian crossings and refuges along Darley Rd, to encourage safer speeds throughout, even as far as the top of Darley Rd at North Head.

While our collective enthusiasm is fervent, please be aware that Council’s wheels will only spin into action once Ausgrid’s current undertakings are completed. Following Ausgrid’s activities, the spotlight will shift to the proposed stormwater drainage enhancements in collaboration with Sydney Water.

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