Public amenities at South Steyne

By Manly Community Forum
February 17, 2023
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Due to its popularity South Steyne has become a very grubby crowded spot on our beachfront from sunrise to sunset and is now in desperate need of significant improvement or some maintenance at a minimum.

From very early in the morning most days, irrespective of the weather, and most weekends, especially during the summer, the entry to this end of the surf beach is crowded with swimmers, surfers, walkers and Surf Club members selling their wares. The public toilets and change room incorporated into the Surf Club building, both men’s and women’s are decrepit and disgusting, even with regular cleaning. There is one shower pole near the bike racks and one on the wall of the Manly Life Saving Club compared with a dozen showers and open steps on the beach near the Corso. The public bins adjacent to the shower, and next to the Norfolk Pine that is dedicated to an anniversary for the Manly Environment Centre, are filthy. The area around this tree is used as a dump for the wet sand from the shower stand with the tree guard paving broken and uneven. The other Norfolk pines in this area are in equally bad shape. Trailers loaded with surf skis and surf boats remain permanently parked in the area and the bike racks are rarely cleared of the rusty abandoned bikes. Crowds of swimmers and walkers choke the limited seats and ledge in the area with their bags and other gear. Apart from the boat ramp, the narrow set of stairs to the beach limits access to the sand.

As the Manly Surf Club ramps up its demands for an additional $5mil on top of the $10mil already committed to rebuild its club for its 750 active patrol members on South Steyne, what consideration is being given to improving the public amenities on the promenade in the area? The Manly Surf Club building currently accommodates public toilets and facilities for the Council Lifeguards, but there are discussions to move these amenities elsewhere to accommodate a larger club.

Council is now considering the 74 submissions on the Vision for Manly Life Saving Club. Read on the NBC Your Say page



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