Sign audit Queensie to Shelly

By Manly Community Forum
August 19, 2023
1 min read

It’s about time the spotlight was shone on the cluttered mess of signage along our picturesque walkway. The recent ‘sign audit’ conducted by the Council Place Management team promises to be a breath of fresh air, hopefully wiping away the jumble of rusty, bent, and graffiti-ridden signs that adorn the 22 power poles along the Manly to Shelly walkway cluttering our landscape for far too long. Frankly, it’s a relief to hear that the outdated, unreadable, and incorrect-branded signs are finally getting the boot.

Imagine strolling from Queenscliff to Shelly without being bombarded by an eyesore of mismatched, dilapidated signs. The audit’s revelation that a whopping 93 signs haunt our beachfront, with nearly 50 sporting the wrong branding, is a testament to how long this issue has been ignored.

But let’s not just stop at promises. It’s high time for action. The community has waited long enough to regain the beauty of our walkway. And speaking of action, kudos for collaborating with DPI Fisheries to upgrade Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve’s signage. Here’s to hoping we’ll actually see these changes implemented.

In a world of visual clutter, a little order and tidiness can go a long way. Let’s hold our council accountable for a cleaner, more coherent coastline – starting with getting our signs in order. It’s time for a fresh, uncluttered start.


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