Together Yes, Vote Yes

By Manly Community Forum
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June 16, 2023
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Australia’s now 122-year-old constitution still doesn’t recognise our first Australians; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It’s time it did. Voting ”Yes” ensures that they are finally recognised in our constitution in a simple and meaningful way: through a Voice to Parliament that will ensure they are heard on the issues that affect their communities.

Together, Yes invites people from all walks of life to gather in small group discussions and engage in an honest reckoning of the harm and injustice of our colonial past; Australia’s history of constitutional indifference; and how a Voice to parliament can make a difference.

Together, Yes is a kitchen conversations movement in support of a YES vote in the 2023 referendum on a First Nations Voice to parliament. It’s a powerful way you can participate in the upcoming referendum to enshrine an Indigenous Voice in our constitution.

To participate, contact secretary@manlycommunityforum.com


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