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October 13, 2023
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The Manly Place Plan, along with the Night-time Economy study, has been placed on exhibition and will close for comments on the 19 November 2023. Check it out on the Council Your Say webpage. https://yoursay.northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au/my-place-manly Here are some of the highlights and maybe lowlights of this 150 page tome.

The Place Plan will be implemented through a staged approach, with each action allocated with an indicative time frame for delivery. The Manly Place Plan recommendations will need a source of funding. (that is there is no funding currently available or planned for the implementation of this plan)

Manly is the gateway to the Northern Beaches, is a successful international and domestic visitor attractor and is also a strategic centre that caters for a wide variety of commercial uses. There is a particular focus on hospitality and tourism which results in a seasonal economy and variable business conditions. However, the current needs and future demands of Manly’s residential population are well catered for with a mix of retail and non- retail uses including supermarkets, hospitality, clothing, household goods, health, education and community services.

So, the consultants are proposing to update the current vision for Manly which is referred to in Council’s adopted strategy documents from “Manly as Sydney’s premier seaside destination.” to “Manly is a thriving and welcoming coastal town centre, uniquely positioned between a world-class beach and harbour, with a vibrant local economy, attractive and functional public spaces and rich Aboriginal and European Heritage. A place of stunning natural beauty to live, work, play and holiday!”

My Place: Manly seeks to establish strategies to create a place that is attractive to all who visit, work, live and play in Manly; establishing a sustainable place that is fit for potential future growth. Key to this will be the implementation of the Night-Time Economy Strategy for Manly, providing certainty for all users of Manly centre, be it business owners/operators, visitors, and residents. Trading from 10pm to 6am is proposed in this plan.

The consultants outlined six principles and supported these by a series of objectives that recommend actions to deliver the initiatives proposed by this Place Plan. These principles include providing flexible spaces for a diverse range of activities such as spaces for people to meet and gather, as well as improving and enhancing the public domain to make spaces safer and more enjoyable to spend time The consultants then divided the ‘area of study’ into seven ‘key places’, The Corso, Sydney Road or Manly’s dining room, Market Place, Rialto Lane and Square, Henrietta Lane, Short St Plaza and Pittwater Road neighbourhood. Each was then described in detail and including each of the six principles with objectives as well as concept designs and actions.

We all know the Corso is Manly’s iconic high street, connecting the cove and the world-famous Manly Beach. But one recommendation, among the others about planting new trees for shade and reintroducing outdoor dining, is to investigate the opportunities for a new structure and gathering point at the east end of The Corso (the beachfront) providing a much-needed all-weather outdoor performance space, as well as introducing a new multi-purpose performance and gathering space by providing an architecturally-designed structure/building that anchors the north-eastern end of The Corso.

Plan for the Pittwater Road Neighbourhood

Deep in the draft proposal on page 116 starts the plan for the Pittwater Road Neighbourhood. This includes five concept design ideas outlined from page 118 of the 136 page document.

  1. Build out kerbs at key points along Pittwater Road including existing intersections to improve pedestrian safety by shortening the distances pedestrians are required to cross the street. Provide new trees on new kerbouts where suitable to provide shade for pedestrians and outdoor dining. Ensure that kerb build-outs do not impede turning paths of existing bus routes.
  2. Trial parklets in front of existing cafes and restaurants to provide additional space for outdoor dining, with the view of widening the footpaths if parklets are successful.
  3. Investigate feasibility of a new signalised intersection at Carlton Street to provide a safe means for pedestrians to cross before the next signalised intersection up north at Pine Street (220m away).
  4. Relocate bus stops where required to suit new kerb build-outs at the Raglan Street intersection and potential new signalised intersection at Carlton Street.
  5. Explore opportunities for rain gardens as stormwater quality improvement devices.


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