Brickbats and Bouquets

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Bouquets to Council on making progress this week with the pavement grinding machine on the many trip hazard spots on the footpaths on Eastern Hill, Manly. There is obviously work still to be done with some complete replacement pavement sections well overdue, but it is really encouraging to see the safety in this area improved.


Bouquets to The chemists on the Corso who are providing COVID-19 vaccinations getting us well over the 80% needed to fully reopen. Thanks to everybody who has followed COVID safe protocols in our public areas. And big bouquets to the food stores and cafes that have stayed open so we can get bread, milk and coffee and amazing takeaway food.

Bouquets to the Council’s customer service staff who have helped people struggling through the online process to get a resident’s parking permit.

Brickbats to the Council for making the Resident’s Parking Permit application process so difficult in the first place.

Brickbats to Council for not replacing the handrail at Little Manly harbour pool. Council’s insurer has advised this is due to the risk of injury from people falling off while using it to climb onto the whalers.

Brickbats to Council for continuing to ignore safety concerns at the Ashburner St pedestrian crossing along East Esplanade. There have been repeated requests to have one parking spot removed to make the area safer for pedestrians. There have been a few near misses as drivers coming from Manly can’t see the pedestrians stepping out onto the crossing until it is too late.


Brickbats and Bouquets
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