Brickbats and Bouquets August 2022

By Manly Community Forum
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August 12, 2022
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Bouquet to the Council and businesses for removing the white picket fence enclosing the tables in Market Lane. Great improvement in aesthetic and access now the fence has gone.

Brickbats to the dog owners assuming Little Manly Point Park is an off leash area. It is not. Please keep your dogs on leash; use the council provided dog waste bags and dispose of them properly in one of the many bins. Keep dogs away from picnickers, kids and exercise groups etc and don’t encourage dogs to chase and harass the brush turkeys. And while we are on about responsible pet ownership please keep your cats indoor to protect our wildlife.

Bouquet to Northern Beaches Council for seeking to source compostable dog waste bags to replace the current black plastic dog waste bags that are distributed in dispensers in sanctioned off leash dog parks, exercise areas and walking trails. Northern Beaches residents currently consume approximately 4,000,000 dog waste bags in the LGA per annum. Yes, that is 4 million plastic bags to landfill. dog poo bags

Brickbat to the local police for insisting Council install the two low railings, apparently for safety reasons and to stop people dancing on the platform around the fig tree on East Esplanade. Everyone is still scratching their heads over this one.

Brickbat to council for only one rusty and graffitied interpretive sign acknowledging the Aboriginal heritage of the Manly area. Although this sign was unveiled in 1994 and is still valid we should be doing more to acknowledge and educate everyone about the aboriginal heritage of the area.

aboriginal Heritage


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