Other Ward Forum issues

By Manly Community Forum
June 17, 2022
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The May Wards Forum Meeting agenda items are summarised here. ; ;

  • Manly Place and Plan and Town Hall reuse update
  • Poor street, parks and garden maintenance in the whole of Manly Ward
  • Pedestrian Safety in the Manly area particularly along Pittwater Road near Harris Farm/ Childcare Centre. There is a request for construction of a pedestrian island at this location or something better.
  • The Council stance on Electric Scooter / Bike Policy changes in response to new laws being considered by the State Govt. The massive increase in electric skateboards, bikes and scooters in the Corso area and along the beachfront providing an excellent example of why we need new laws and better policing.

We want more advocacy by the Council on the following stormwater issues. Dilution is not the solution. The Council representative doesn’t even turn up at the regular Sydney Water/NHSTP meetings.

  • Update on Clontarf Community Forum discussions with Sydney Water, James Griffin MP and Council on how to deal with illegal household stormwater connections to the sewerage system which contributes to the overflows during storm events.
  • Sydney Water operations at the location for de-silting the main sewer pipeline at Clontarf Reserve and Holmes Ave Reserve has caused environmental concerns about the sensitive underwater environment especially for the local seahorse population and seagrass meadows in Middle Harbour and around the swimming pool at Clontarf.
  • Manly Cove is also affected by wet weather events at the sewage overflow pipes in the Manly Cove area. This will be discussed with Sydney Water.


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