West Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link Tunnel

By Manly Community Forum
February 20, 2022
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Despite the misgivings about traffic management, congestion around Balgowlah, loss of open space and exhaust, the continuing budget and works allocation suggest that the tunnel is still on the Government books. One of the community’s key concerns is the method proposed for building the section across Middle Harbour. There are very real concerns this will result in serious disturbance to the sediments on the floor of the Middle Harbour. There is little information in the current documents providing confidence in the method proposed to contain the contaminants that will be stirred up when they dig out the harbour floor to install the pre-constructed underground/underwater tunnel that crosses Middle Harbour at the Spit.

From previous experiences elsewhere with harbour floor excavation we can expect extensive contamination of the Middle Harbour and close-by North Harbour, Spring Cove and Balmoral areas that are heavily utilised by swimmers and recreational boats. Hopefully the fish will not be contaminated as happened with contamination in other parts of the harbour.

We await more information on contamination management and ask that all residents consider and comment to the State authorities if they have concerns that are not answered in the current communications.


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