Hop Skip and Jump Bus Under Threat

By Manly Community Forum
June 17, 2022
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Our beloved Hop, Skip and Jump Bus service is under threat. Don’t worry, the Manly Ward Councillors led by Deputy Mayor Candy Bingham, are rallying to keep the service running. But we need your help.

Other Councillors claim that it is unfair that $850,000 is spent annually on the bus service for a few people in the Manly Ward. There is a view that these funds would be better spent on fixing potholes and installing new footpaths. But Manly Ward councillors say Manly is different - with high density living, elderly people and families with no access to a car. These Councillors have called for a cost-benefit analysis to make the bus service more cost-effective.

Now that the State Government has privatised the Northern Beaches State bus services one suggestion is for Council to approach the NSW State Government to become a ‘transport provider’. In doing this a fee could be charged for patrons to use the service. Opal cards would be valid and this would go some way to making the service financially sustainable. If successful it could be extended to other areas as suggested by those ratepayers further north.

It will take time to develop the proposal and negotiate with the NSW Government, but it does give the Manly community time to demonstrate that they want and need this service.

Please email councillors@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au with your personal stories about the fabulous HSJ bus and why it should continue. And ask all your family and friends to send an email as well to show that our “Skippy” bus service is much needed and loved in Manly. And please fill in a short questionnaire by using the QR code below.



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