Pedestrian Access and Pavement Safety Audit

By Manly Community Forum
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Late last year the Manly Community Forum submitted a list of footpath trip hazards in our area. Council then responded with their report and have just recently completed their grinding program to smooth out the bumps along our footpaths. This is a small improvement but it can still be a bumpy, trippy walk along many of our footpaths.

We will now ask Council to focus on the upgrade of the entire footpath along East Esplanade above the park and also the fast degrading and rotting pedestrian ramp. The utility as an ‘accessible ramp’ is questionable as the yellow slip-treads loosen and make it difficult and uncomfortable for wheelchairs or prams to navigate. During the day the overgrown plants and trees make it hard to see who or what is coming in the opposite direction along the zig zag ramp and at night it is dark and poorly lit making it feel unsafe to use.


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