Marine Parade - Manly to Shelly

By Manly Community Forum
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February 20, 2022
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The State Government has put the focus squarely on the harbour side, challenging the Council to build the $12 million boardwalk to attract more tourists, but the NBC has been assiduously promoting the Manly to Shelly walk, featuring it on their website, the HelloManly official Instagram page as the must do activity in Manly. This promotion is great for the local businesses who, of course, benefit greatly by the Council encouraging everyone to walk through the Corso and all the way to Shelly and back, but despite this the maintenance and thought given to improving the area is not front of mind. Council has recently completed the repair and consequent upgrade of the stormwater drain adjacent to the Fairy Bower pool, installing the award-winning habitat tiles along the side of the pool. Great! Bouquet for this!

But what about the rest of the almost 2km walk? What works does this sign refer to? Certainly not any of the following.


Starting from this sign, now overgrown and behind the big new gate near the Surf Club, walking towards Shelly, let’s consider some of the works that should be included in any master plan or maintenance regime. Much of the mortar in the stone wall behind the seating and around the corner needs to be examined and perhaps repaired as well as reinforced.


And the stone wall on the ocean side below the post and rail fence that supports the path is looking a bit eroded and weathered. How long do we have to put up with the attractive red and white cloth wrapped around the star pickets near the big stone shell carving? The warning signs about falling rocks can remain, but how about landscaping the area to improve safety. Maybe move the seat and heritage plaque so that it can be seen and appreciated. The path itself is a quaint combo of asphalt, concrete and stone, sewage access holes, and uneven surfaces patched to prevent falls, all with white lines, pictograms of bikes, people and speed limits painted with varying quality.


The number of compliance and interpretive signs has been reduced and some replaced with attractive photos and important information, but some remain, unreadable and graffitied. Compliance signs below the post and rail fence are completely worn and are now blank.


Welcome to Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve at the Bower Lane. A very popular gathering spot for visitors and locals alike. Recently, after significant lobbying by the Manly Community Forum, Sydney Water and the NBC repaired the stormwater infrastructure that was being undermined by the waves. But much could still be done here to improve the area and bring it up to a standard we could all be proud of. The metal steps leading into the only No Take Aquatic Reserve in the State are dilapidated, requiring regular repairs. How many times have they been out of commission?


Broken bollards and other poorly maintained infrastructure and landscaping are evident all the way along the walkway past the deteriorating boat ramp (which incorporates ageing stormwater pipes) to the Boathouse restaurant and up to the carpark.


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