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Number 40 Stuart St, adjacent to the Little Manly Beach park has finally been categorised Community Land. The 36 page report written for the NB Council has recommended, ‘based on the representations to the public hearing on 12 August 2021 and written submissions made to Council by 18 August 2021’, that Council:

  1. Note the verbal and written submissions made in Section 5. of the report, and
  2. Categorise 40 Stuart Street in Manly as Park according to the proposed categorisation map which was publicly exhibited.

Check the Council Your say page to read the full report. Reclassification of Council Land - 40 Stuart Street Manly - Feb_2021

Council has committed to demolishing the house and boundary fence in FY 22/23 and opening the area up for inclusion into the existing park. The community looks forward to this happening, but with 2023 closing in fast we hope that Council will talk to the community about the landscape plan for the area. Even given the paucity of funds now available after the big hit to Council revenue as a result of COVID we hope that this is not put off till the never never. Council is asking which capital projects can be deferred.

Lots of work was planned to start soon but COVID has slowed things down. Despite approval, the cafe seems to have deferred their work on the improvements to the cafe. But Council intends to complete the path around the cafe on LM beach and install a picnic table and benches in the shady area near the ramp and the playground at LM point Park before the end of the year.

The tender for the bleachers at Little Manly has been released and is under consideration in September for work to commence in April next year. These bleachers are planned only for the western side of the existing narrow steps onto the beach. This is because this area is at greater risk of ‘failing’ and the cost of extending across the entire beach is too great.

Many think that these bleachers should be extended along the entire beach, particularly on the eastern side of the existing steps in front of the cafe where parents and grandparents could watch their kids while eating their food and coffee. The top of such a structure could also be the basis for the footpath in front of the cafe and enhance the amenity of the area no end.


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