Is the Corso safe at night - is this the night time economy we want?

By Manly Community Forum
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February 20, 2022
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In recent weeks large groups of young men have been gathering on the grass near the front of the Manly Town Hall and around the shop fronts in the Corso at 3am in the morning. We wonder if the families of these young people know they are skylarking and causing problems in the Corso at 3am in the morning. Police conduct patrols if they receive complaints from residents or business owners and if they have the resources but as the number of young males gathering in the Corso is increasing and the anti-social behaviour is getting more aggressive, we are concerned that no action is being taken to manage these situations. While the rest of us are tucked up tight in bed the question is what patrols are conducted after midnight in the Manly central areas and surrounds?

The Manly Place Plan has included a study to consider the night time economy in the CBD and the MCF wonders if encouraging people to skylark in the Corso at 3am is part of the plan?

The MCF representative will attend the next Community Safety Committee meeting and raise a few issues with the Police and Rangers. Are patrols conducted after midnight and what action is being taken on anti-social behaviour?

Previously Manly Council conducted late night audits to determine the hot spots for anti-social behaviour and what actions might be necessary to reduce the negative outcomes of noise, damage, graffiti, littering etc. We are still waiting on the audit which was promised immediately after amalgamation.


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