Action Needed at Cabbage Tree Bay

By Manly Community Forum
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Council has been slow to re-activate the Friends of Cabbage Tree Bay after the COVID shut down, but residents and visitors have been vigilant, actively protecting the Reserve and lodging complaints. Divers have filmed the damage caused by anchors dragging in the seagrass meadows and reported this to the Department of Primary Industries Fisheries, along with people collecting creatures from the rock shelf at low tides.

Community concern continues with regards to the stormwater and sewerage pipes along the Marine Pde walkway. Council and Sydney Water continue to be slow to respond to these concerns and slow to provide a plan to protect Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve from massive pollution if the pipes fail.

Council has promised a lot for the area but delivered on very little. We are still waiting for new toilets at Shelly Beach and the outcome of the signage review. As well the landscaping at Shelly is looking very shabby while the walkway itself is grubby.

We will be asking Council when we can expect improvements at this much-loved iconic location.


The community can do its bit as well by taking care of what goes into the sewer. Wet wipes - which should never go down the toilets, oil and grease are the top concerns. These cause ‘fatbergs’ which form massive blockages and can cause sewerage pipes to overflow, or even explode.

A sewage overflow into Cabbage Tree Bay last month, and a recent major blockage in Addison Rd, have both involved wet wipes in the pipes. Sydney Water has advanced technology and can sometimes identify the exact address the blockage came from. If there is a repeat offense, Sydney Water says those residents may be asked to pay the pipe clearance costs.

Never flush wet wipes down the toilet.


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