Investment on Waste Management

By Manly Community Forum
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September 16, 2023
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Organics Infrastructure Fund Millions of dollars have been made available to Councils and the Alternative Waste Industry to improve kerbside separation of food and garden waste and encourage better uses of waste. The NSW EPA is currently offering grants via the Organics Infrastructure Fund, with a total of $6.25 million available, including individual grants of up to $2 million.

Northern Beaches Circular Economy Hub Northern Beaches Council was successful in obtaining a grant of $200,000 for a project called “Towards a Northern Beaches Circular Economy Hub – the Leading Reuse and Repair Network in NSW.”

This initiative aims to make the region the leading local circular economy hub in Sydney, focusing on reusing and repairing consumer items. The funding will support feasibility studies, pilot repair initiatives, and exploring circular economy opportunities.

The draft Waste and Circular Economy Strategy are expected to be presented to Councillors for consideration at the October 2023 Council meeting. If endorsed, the strategy will be placed on exhibition for public comments.


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